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How do I uninstall MasterMine?


MasterMine’s uninstall will remove all MasterMine program files from the machine and unregister its DLL files.  To remove any trace of MasterMine, you may also need to delete files or folders that have been created by users, or that have been created by the program itself.  If this is the case, delete the application folder called “MasterMine” to remove any folders in the same “tree”. 

To complete the uninstall, you will need to perform some additional manual adjustments:

GoldMine menu references to MasterMine must be removed from the file yourname.ini in the GoldMine application folder using any text editor.  If other custom menu items exist (they would be listed under [Filemenu] in the .ini) be sure to leave them sequenced properly starting with Opt1, Opt2, etc.

MasterMine adds a series of user-defined functions to the SQL Database as well. Your SQL administrator will find these functions by looking for Scalar Valued Functions with names beginning with “udfMM…” These may be safely deleted if the rest of MasterMine has also been deleted.

Uninstall will not remove *.xls files initiated and saved from MasterMine templates after installation is complete.  These are standalone .xls and .xlsm files which the user may have stored anywhwere the have security rights to write files.

Prior to uninstalling, if you run MasterMine's Launch dialog, you can see on the left side of the dialog a folder tree representing all locations where MasterMine reports have been opened or saved by the workstation user, and use the dialog itself to delete these files.

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