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How do I install MasterMine?

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How do I install MasterMine?

Installation to your own workstation (GoldMine as client, Excel installed there):
    1. Log into GoldMine as someone who will be a MasterMine user.
    2. Download MasterMine from the website,
    3. Save the downloaded file and ""open"" it when downloaded, or just click ""Open"" when asked. Use Administrator privileges if available.
    4. When asked for target destination, designate a place on your own hard drive where MasterMine is to be installed (c:\program files\mastermine or c:\programfiles (x86)\mastermine on 64 bit machines)
    5. Follow prompts, enter valid SQL login info.  See this article for step-by-step instructions.
    6. Log out of GoldMine and back in as the same user.  You should have a new taskbar item in GoldMine called MasterMine

Terminal Services Install (users launch GoldMine and Excel through RDS, Citrix, GraphOn, iGoldMine, etc.)

1. Use process above to install MasterMine once on the server machine

2. On the server, for each user, log into GoldMine then run MMConfig.exe (find it in the MasterMine application folder you installed to, and double-click on it).  This will add MasterMine to the GoldMine users' taskbar.

3. As users enter MasterMine for the first time, have their MasterMine license ready (if read-only, each one is unique by last 2 digit "sequence" number, so subsitute '01', '02', etc for each successive license.  If Site license, sequence numbers are irrelevant so a two character code like 'SL' is subsituted.)  Have users enter license number as requested by the software on first usage. 

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