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"Filter on ""Contains"""

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"How can I filter on ""contains"" instead of ""equals"" in a MasterMine report?"

There are two ways to accomplish this, depending how permanent your want your filtering to be for the report in question:
1. Add the filter during ""create"" as part of the original query, thus making it a permanent feature of the report, which you re-use.
To add a permanent filter to a report, set up the filter in GoldMine.  Activate the filter in GoldMine.  Then when you create the MasterMine report, click the ""Filter"" button on the bottom of the first page and check the box at the top that says ""Use active filter"".
2. Filter on ""contains"" inside your MasterMine report, in Excel. 
If you want the filtering to be more flexible, include all possible records in the report and do your filtering inside the MasterMine report.
Once your report is created, use MasterMine's ""search filtering"" feature in Excel.  Pull the field in question into the Row area of your pivot table.  While it is still selected, hit the ""search"" button (looks like binoculars) on the MasterMine toolbar.  This allows you to group together all field items containing or not containing, any or all of a series of values.   Once your group is created inside MasterMine, use the new group as your filtering criteria for the report.

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