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User defined Opportunity or Project fields missing

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"When creating report

user-defined fields in opportunity or project do not appear in the field list","

As always, make sure you have the most current version of MasterMine installed.

If this does not resolve the issue, check to see if you have multiple records in the TableDef table in GoldMine.  To do this, do the following (GoldMine PE users -- for earlier GM versions, use equivalent menu items):

1. In GoldMine, click the ""Tools"" menu, and select ""SQL Query""

2. Enter the following SQL query:  ""select * from tabledef""

3. If only one row is returned, look in the ""Udeffields"" column to determine if user-defined fields are defined for your GoldMine installation.  If there is a value present, those user-def fields should appear in MasterMine. Please contact us for further help.

4. If there are multiple rows returned, you should be able to safely delete the row that does NOT have Udeffields populated.  Delete that row using SQL Enterprise Manager.  This should fix the issue.



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