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Failed to load control 'Common Dialog' from COMDLG32.OCX

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Failed to load control 'Common Dialog' from COMDLG32.OCX


MasterMine may display a ""CRITICAL DDE ERROR"" with the explanation above.

This issue should never come up on a system that meets MasterMine system requirements.  Thie common control is automatically installed with Windows 2000 and higher. 

If you experience this error, please contact mastermine with specific information on your Windows version, Office version, and MasterMine version.

Prior to 1/1/2002, the response to this issue was:

DLLs and OCXs shipped with MasterMine did not overwrite older versions of these system libraries. This may cause a problem for WinNT installations with less than Service Pack 6 installed, or Windows 98 where the most current web update has not been performed.

Possible Cause 1: You need to log into NT with ADMINISTRATOR rights to allow overwrite of older system libraries. After doing so, re-install MasterMine and try again. This only needs to be done for the install. Regular operation does not require administrator rights.

Possible Cause 2: Some older revisions of the MasterMine installer did not overwrite COMDLG32.OCX if it already existed. Download the most current MasterMine installer from this website and re-install. MasterMine now automatically overwrites several older DLLs and OCXs as necessary with current Windows 95/98 and NT versions.


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