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ActiveX component can't create object (Run-time error '429')

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ActiveX component can't create object (Run-time error '429')


Run-time error '429'
Activex component can't create object
This general Windows error can result from various conditions, depending on what you are doing when you encounter the error:

1. .dll's are not properly installed (to fix, reinstall or update MasterMine).

If this error occurs while launching MMUpdater, you may need to unregister, then re-register the MMUpdater.dll

In a windows Run box, type:  
RegSvr32 /u ""c:\program files\MasterMine\support\MMUpdater.dll""
If successful, then open another run box and do the following:
RegSvr32 ""c:\program files\MasterMine\support\MMUpdater.dll""
(Substitute  the correct path to MasterMine on your machine)

2. Excel paths are conflicted on the workstation.  This may result from incomplete upgrades of Excel, for instance, where the Windows directory "C:\program files\microsoft office" is not properly resolving to the currently in-use Office version.  Uninstall older versions of Microsoft Office if they are unused, and reinstall the current one.

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