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Login to SQL fails

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Refreshing a report that used to correctly refresh no longer works due to login failure.

There are several possible scenarios wherein this might occur:

1. The workbook has been moved to a location that is not accessible to the original data source.

2. The data source itself has changed, whether server name, user login credentials, or database name.

3. The workbook has been transferred to a remote user of GoldMine whose GoldMine configuration is different from the site at which the MasterMine workbook was created.

4. A user of GoldMine with a FireBird back end is attempting to open a MasterMine report.  (FireBird users cannot refresh MasterMine reports.)

For any of these situations except #4, find out the correct GoldMine connection information including:
- Server Name
- SQL user
- SQL password
- GoldMine database name

Then change the connection string in the workbook using these instructions. "

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