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Pivot Table parts

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What are the parts of a Pivot Table? How does a Pivot Table work?


 A typical pivot table looks like this:


Each "Area" described below is outlined in in blue in the picture above.

The Data area shows the actual summarized data, usually either a count of items in a field or a summation of the values in a numeric field.  The data area must include at least one field, but it may include multiple fields in more complex reports.

The Page area includes fields containing data not currently displayed in the table, but which may be dragged into Rows or Columns.  Selecting one or many items within a Page field filters what appears in the rest of the pivot table. 

The "Field List" or Hidden area contains all available fields, including additional page fields not displayed on the worksheet. The latter may be added to the table ("unhidden") by dragging them from the PivotTable field list to the desired PivotTable area.  Fields appear bold in the Field List if they are also displayed in the pivot table, or normal font if they are not. 

Field Buttons in row, column and page areas have a gray background and usually correspond to specific fields in GoldMine database files.  Not all GoldMine fields are available in MasterMine templates, but advanced users can add any field or portion of a field.  For a full list of available fields, see the GoldMine Database Layout Reference in the ""references"" section of the MasterMine User Manual.

The Row and Column areas show field items (the various possible values within a field). Row Area fields create one row per field item.

In MasterMine documentation, we commonly refer to the Row, Column, and Data areas collectively as the "Display Area" because this is where you see detailed information for the included fields.


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