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SQL environment or login changed (Excel 2003)

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We want to migrate reports created in one SQL environment to another SQL environment. We have changed SQL server database names or servers. How / where do I modify the connection string to point reports to the new environment?

There are two possible places to change the references to the server. You need to try the second one only if the first does not work:
1. With the report open, click the information button (looks like ""i"" in blue circle) on the MasterMine toolbar. Go to the ""Connection"" tab. 
You can change references to the server, database, username, and password there by simply typing over them, then clicking ""Apply changes"". 
Refresh the report to see if the results are as you expect. If so, you are finished. Save the file.
2. In some instances, there is an explicit reference to the database and/or server name in the underlying query's ""FROM"" clause (i.e. GoldMine..Contact1). 
If so, you will need to change the SQL query itself to remove this explicit reference (i.e. change to Contact1).
First, while still in the ""information"" dialog, click ""Query Text"" to view the query. 
Look for ""FROM"" clauses with explicit references to the old server or database name. 
If you see them, click ""Edit Query"" and go to MSQuery to remove them. (step by step below).
Close the information dialog.
Back on the report page, do the following:       
0. Note any settings in the Page area of your report (top list of fields) as you may need to set them again after making this change. 
1. select a cell on the pivot table 
2. click ""Modify Query"", the second button, on the MasterMine toolbar 
3. Hit ""Back"", then ""Get Data"" to load MSQuery. 
4. Click the SQL button on the toolbar above to open the SQL query. 
5. Change the query's ""FROM"" clauses as needed and click OK. 
6. Return the data to Excel (""File"", ""Return data to Excel""). Finally, hit ""Finish"" and the query will automatically refresh as the report comes back.
      You may need to re-set selections in the page area as they were before you made this change

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