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File Locations

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Where are MasterMine application files? Where are report workbooks stored?


Where to install:

The MasterMine program and support files should be installed locally on each workstation to be used by a MasterMine user.

Application Folder:

MasterMine’s main files typically reside in a “Program Files” sub-tree named “MasterMine” and containing subfolders “Support” and “Toolkits”.   The installer also includes a number of standard Microsoft libraries (dlls) which automatically overwrite and self-register if older versions of the same dlls are found.

Report Locations:

MasterMine’s report workbooks are stored in a location set by preference at the time of installation. The default location is under “My Documents”, in a folder called “MasterMine Reports”. Once created, MasterMine reports can be stored anywhere without losing their functionality. This makes them easy to transport and share among GoldMine/MasterMine users.  However, be aware that a MasterMine “share” license is required for otherwise unlicensed users to open and use MasterMine workbooks.

The MasterMine Launch dialog remembers all locations where the user has saved, saved As, or opened a MasterMine workbook.  Once opened or saved in a certain location, that location continues to appear in the Launch MasterMine dialog for the individual user on the workstation where the report was opened or saved.

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