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1-Button Launch

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How can I launch a MasterMine report from the GoldMine taskbar?


MasterMine reports can be “implanted” into the GoldMine taskbars of individual users for “one-button launch” by a Master or Create user of MasterMine.  Sharing reports this way is very convenient, and makes selective access to a few reports for certain users very easy.

The end user simply clicks the “MasterMine” taskbar in GoldMine, then selects from among the MasterMine reports previously “shared” there by the higher-level user using the "Share Report" feature on the MasterMine ribbon/toolbar in Excel.

To share a report from the Excel "MasterMine" ribbon and a dialog appears.

This dialog allows you to select any GoldMine user whose taskbar will have a button which will lauch the current workbook at will.

Select an existing taskbar or a new one.

The Caption is the label which will accompany the new icon on the GoldMine taskbar.

Set security and convenience parameters in the lower frame of the dialog as follows:

  • Auto-Refresh on Open: Causes the report to refresh against GoldMine’s data as the report is opening. Most effective when database is small enough to allow data
    loading without significant delay.
  • Disable Drill-Through: Prevents the user from double-clicking on data items to see underlying data.
  • Save Report Without Data: Vastly reduces the size of saved files (especially important if file is to be e-mailed to another user). Also promotes security by preventing storage of database data within the Excel workbook.
  • Save SQL Password:  To avoid requiring users to enter a valid username/password combination every time their report refreshes against the SQL database, you may elect to save the SQL password with the report. IMPORTANT NOTE: the SQL password is not encrypted when stored within the Excel workbook, so security-conscious users may wish to avoide saving the SQL password.

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