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MasterMine not in GoldMine Taskbar

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MasterMine launch does not appear in the GoldMine taskbar area

Turn on GoldMine taskbars:

Right-click in the purple area above the menus on the right, near the GoldMine logo. In the short menu, check "Taskbar" if it is not already checked.

Add MasterMine launch item to the GoldMine taskbar:

If the taskbars are turned on but you don't see a MasterMine group, do the following while logged into GoldMine as the user in question. 

1. Exit out of any Excel instances you have running
2. Navigate to the MasterMine application folder (typically c:\program files (x86)\MasterMine)
3. Right-click on MMconfig.exe and select "Run as administrator".  (If you don't have admin credentials, you may run it normally in most cases and likely will succeed.)
4. Click "Skip SQL Login Info" and follow the prompts (if any).
5. Exit out of GoldMine then log back in.  The taskbar should be present

Manually add MasterMine to the GoldMine taskbar:

1. If taskbars are turned on in GoldMine, you should see a taskbar item named "Customize".  Click it.
2. Right-click in the grey area below and select "Add new group".  Create a group called "MasterMine"
3. In the resulting group area (the gray area below the bar called "MasterMine") right-click again and select "Add New Item..."
4. Fill in the form as follows:
GoldMine Taskbar Dialog

If you still have an issue after trying the above, it is likely your GoldMine .tbi (tasbar ini) file is in a place you are not allowed to update or it has been set "read-only". 
Use Windows security options to make the .tbi file updatable for you.

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