One Button Launch

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One Button Launch

1. Vertical task bar (left side) in GM is available on GM 5.7, 6.0, 6.5. It can be turned on under ""Window| Taskbar.""
2. Right click on task bar and choose ""Add New Group."" This will create a new blank task bar which can be named ""Reports,"" or ""MasterMine Reports.""
3. Right click on new Reports task bar and select ""Add New Item.""
4. In the box that pops up, under ""Main Menu Action"" choose ""External Application.""
5. In the ""Caption"" box put the name you would like to see on your one-button launch for the workbook or report, for example ""Call History,"" or ""Pending Sales,"" or ""Monthly Activities,"" or ""Database Analysis,"" etc.
6. For the ""Application"" box, use the browse button on the right that has thee dots or an ellipsis ( ...) to find MasterMine on that person's computer. If it was installed in the default location, it will be under c:\Program Files\MasterMine. If I'm on a server, I usually just keep hitting the up one folder button until I get to the correct drive, then look for Program Files, then MasterMine.  Select MasterMine.exe and click Open -- that fills in the ""Application"" and ""Start Directory"" boxes.
7. For the Command Line box, start by putting in a Forward Slash, Capital I, semicolon (/I;) -- then you need the path to the report or workbook that the one button launch will pull up.  If I don't know or remember the path, I click on okay to save all that I've done and go to View|Create MasterMine Report.  When the ""Create New Analysis Workbook"" comes up, you will find the path at the botton of the Workbook where it says ""Save To Path:  .""  I copy the path, then right click the partially completed one-button launch, choose Edit, and paste the path directly following the /I;
At the end of the path, you need the exact name of the report as you saved it when you created the report.  If you don't remember it, go to View| Open MasterMine Report and look at the reports that have been saved. Choose the right one and copy the name.  Go back to the one-button launch, right click, go to Edit and paste the name of the report directly after the path.  At the end of the name of the report, add .xls
8. Select an icon.
9. Click OK.
10. The one-button launch is now complete, but it will not work if you already have a ""Create New Analysis Workbook"" open, so be sure to close it if you do.  It will also not work if any part of your path is incorrect or if you have spelled or copied incorrectly the name of the report.

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