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What are the parts of a Pivot Table? How does a Pivot Table work?

   A typical pivot table looks like this:   Each "Area" described below is outlined in in blue in the picture above. The Data area shows the actual summarized data, usually either a count of items in a field or a summation of the values in a numeric field.  The data are...
Slow updating or Pivot Tables accept only a few Row or Column Fields simultaneously.

  A pivot table's "dynamic" update gets slower as you increase the amount of information you display.  There's a full explanation of why this is below.     The main purpose of a pivot table to summarize large amounts of data in a small place, not display it ...
How to modify the underlying query in a MasterMine report

  Working with Edit Query textbox If you are familiar with Transact-SQL, the easiest way to modify the query behind your pivot table is to click on the table, then on the MMTools ribbon click “Edit Query”. This opens a text box within which you can modify the query. When finished, click “Test” to d...
We are considering a move to the online version of GoldMine. Does MasterMine work with or have a version that works with the online version of GoldMine?

    Yes, MasterMine is available with the hosted version of GoldMine. You can bring it along with you ("Bring Your Own License") or it can be included with your subscription with a monthly charge added to your GoldMine subscription....
How does the "Launch MasterMine" dialog work?

  The Launch Dialog When you launch MasterMne, you see a directory dialog that allows you to quickly locate, organize and open your existing MasterMine workbooks. The treeview on the left displays all remembered locations where you have previously saved MasterMine workbooks, both on your own worksta...
Where can I find VAR pricing on MasterMine?

  For VAR pricing, go to this password protected page: VAR PRICING. If you don't have a password then select the ""Ask a Question"" tab and request a password or call us toll-free at 877-877-7212.  ...
"Pivot table is not valid." error message

  A pivot table can become "invalid" for several major reasons: the pivot table fails in a refresh attempt. a report created in a later version of Excel is opened in an earlier oneThe easiest way to fix it may be to generate a new report from scratch that replaces the existing one.  Thi...
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