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Opening a MasterMine report shows error 1004, "The file format and extension of [workbook] don't match. The file could be corrupted or unsafe. Unless you trust its source, don't open it. Do you wa

  If the workbook name ends with ".xls" instead of ".xlsm", it is likely the file was copied or e-mailed and the last letter of the extension left off.  Try copying the file (in Windows, without opening in Excel) and change the name of the copy to "[filename].xlsm".     If ...
While MasterMine is opening or creating a workbook, error "Method '~' or object '~' failed" appears and critical failure results.

  This error indicates that a component of Excel or an Add-in to Excel has interfered with the loading of the workbook. Solutions: 1. Get the most current release of MasterMine.  For example, version 9 has fixes that address incompatibilities with some common Excel add-ins. 2. Look for COM ad...
While creating a report, while report is generating, you get a series of errors for each field included in the query, and the report finishes with no fields displayed.

  Microsoft Office 2016 and Office 360 July and August 2017 Office Update issueThe automatic update of Office 2016 provided by Microsoft in July and August 2017 causes the error (below) to occur when creating new MasterMine reports.  This issue occurs even for users of earlier versions of Master...
When launching MasterMine, a series of errors indicates "unable to open Toolkit x" where x is the name of each toolkit

  If this is version 8 of MasterMine, the most likely issue is a conflict with a COM add-in in Excel called FoxItReader.   In Excel (depending on the version) turn off the COM add-in by clicking "File", "Options", "Add-Ins" on the left side. In the Excel Options dialog, at the botto...
error 1004 when trying to open a report

  If you see errors upon opening a report which previously worked without errors, something has probably changed in your environment. -->-->Make sure you have the most recent updates and service packs of Windows and Office, then reinstall the same version of MasterMine from your installation file (if...
Could not load an object because it is not available on this machine.

  Sometimes, especially after a Windows update (they are often automatic, so you may not be aware it has occurred) this error will begin to appear when launching a MasterMine workbook. To correct, you need to UNREGISTER, then re-register two DLL's: MSCOMCTL.OCX and MSCOMCT2.OCX This can be accompli...
"Compile Error in Hidden Module" when report loads

  1. Make sure you have the latest upgrade of MasterMine installed on your workstation or termianl server. See version under Help, "About masterMine" in the MasterMine "Create" dialog, or in Excel on the "MasterMine" ribbon, far right icon "About MasterMine".   2. If #1 doe snot ...
Is MasterMine limited by Excel's worksheet limits?

  If Excel is the "engine", doesn't that limit MasterMine to Excel's row limit? What happens if I try to access a 150,000 contact database with 750,000 history records? MasterMine summarizes data in pivottables. Yes, you are limited in your ability to actually DISPLAY more than 1 million rows...
'Out of Memory' error when generating some reports, particularly history reports with lots of records

  This is likely the result of using an old (Office 2003 or lower) version of Excel.  Update Excel to 2007 or higher....
Query Failed. Error from dBase driver is: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]error text

  When creating a new MasterMine report, any query error will begin with this message.   Use the text after [SQL Server] or [dBase Driver], in the location of "error text" above, to search the knowledgebase for information on your particular issue....
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