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General Questions(172 articles)
Unable to create System DSN from SQL Server ODBC driver after install of MasterMine
How do I modify the query behind an existing report?
Why sell MasterMine?
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MasterMine for QuoteWerks(5 articles)
Slow updating or Pivot Tables accept only a few Row or Column Fields simultaneously.
"Pivot table is not valid." error message
Process: Application Load; Error number: 5
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Tech Support(1 articles)
Is MasterMine limited by Excel's worksheet limits?
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MasterMine for GoldMine(7 articles)
Where can I find VAR pricing on MasterMine?
How to modify the underlying query in a MasterMine report
What are the parts of a Pivot Table? How does a Pivot Table work?
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Technical Support(23 articles)
When launching MasterMine, a series of errors indicates "unable to open Toolkit x" where x is the name of each toolkit
While MasterMine is opening or creating a workbook, error "Method '~' or object '~' failed" appears and critical failure results.
Could not load an object because it is not available on this machine.
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Installation(10 articles)
How do I install MasterMine in a terminal services environment such as Citrix or Netilla?
How can I integrate QuoteWerks (by Aspire Technologies) into GoldMine reports?
Can MasterMine report on data from Details-Plus (from Solica Consulting)
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How To(5 articles)
Can MasterMine report on data from Details-Plus (from Solica Consulting)
How do I uninstall MasterMine?
How can I launch a MasterMine report from the GoldMine taskbar?
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Licensing(3 articles)
What can I do with the MasterMine for GoldMine demo?
What are the options for Licensing?
How can I enter the license on a workstation or terminal server?
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